Insurance lingo is not for everyone. To help, we have compiled a list of common questions and insurance terms.

What is insurance?
What is an insurance broker?
What is an insurer/underwriter?
What is the Lloyd’s insurance market?
What is a policy limit?
What is a policy ‘excess’?
What is an aggregate?
Does a homeowner’s insurance cover sharing economy activities?
In the event of a loss, what happens if a host does not have adequate insurance cover?
Why should a sharing economy platform offer insurance?
Why aren’t there more insurance products for the sharing economy?


There are a number of insurance products available for sharing economy platforms. We have answered some common questions relating to why SafeShare’s products are more robust compared to other products out there.

What is an umbrella policy?
What are the draw backs of an umbrella policy?
What is a ‘guest liability’/ travel cover?
What are the draw backs of a ‘guest liability’ / travel cover?
Why SafeShare Host Home protection?
Highlights and benefits
SafeShare Umbrella Cover Guest Liability/Travel Cover
No Aggregate
No conflict with existing Host insurance
Host opt-in to cover
Host direct access to claims
Full cover for the Host
Covers the Host in the event of injury to the Guest
Covers property damage caused by the guest
Covers damages during the Guest’s stay but not caused by the Guest

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